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Immortality's Caress

Immortality's Caress
Historical Vampire Series

A seven-part historical vampire series by Monica M. Martin.

From Rome, to Venice, Paris, New Orleans, Cairo, London, and New York ... Take a historical journey through the dark and delightful erotic world of Monica M. Martin’s vampires. 

NOTE: Ms Martin is adding another work to this series. This beginning to be added before book 1 Allegra's Seduction, to build a more in-depth world for Claudia and Marcus, and add more substance to Gabriele's beginnings...)

Previously Published  in 2005 Allegra's Seduction Book 1
Previously Published in 2006 Eloise's Awakening Book 2

Eloise's Awakening Book 2, Critically Acclaimed 
1st Edition- 2007 EPPIE Award finalist- Erotic Romance Fantasy/Paranormal category. 
A reviewer favorite, this work received all fives.

Immortality's Caress Book 1 - The Beginning- Coming soon...