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SLEEPING WITH GRETA - Classic Release!

Genre: Torrid Twisted Tales
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-59374-406-9
Rating: Erotica - Controversial

Warning: This work is erotica. It contains group sex, f/f sex, mild m/m sex, and nonexclusive couples.

Transformed into a hideous being by a curse from her witch stepmother, Greta’s been resting for one hundred and fifty years, awaiting her rescuer to awaken her with his kiss, bonk her three times, and return her to her former self.

Prince Alexander hails from the distant, dark kingdom of Obsidian. He has a gambling debt that may see him dead at month’s end, and so he takes up the challenge…the reward, the amount he owes.

However, Greta has a shocking secret, is Alexander capable of bonking her beautiful?
Dare you to read this scintillatingly erotic romp, with a rather wicked twist…

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JULIANA'S PORTRAITJulianas Portrait Classic Release!

Genre: Torrid Romance Contemporary
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-59374-401-4 
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-59374-400-7 
Rating: Erotica - Controversial


True love knows no boundaries… 
Duncan buys a portrait of an enchanting young woman at an estate auction. Juliana, an artist’s model and dancer, disappeared not long after she sat for the portrait in May 1968. Instead of storing the painting with the others in his collection, Duncan hangs it on his bedroom wall. From then on, he begins to have vividly erotic and tormenting dreams about the woman in the portrait. In the dreams, she materializes from the painting and seduces him almost nightly... Juliana tells Duncan she was murdered and that if he finds her remains and exposes her killer he’ll set her free, and then they can be together forever… Utterly obsessed, Duncan goes to extraordinary lengths to find information pertaining to Juliana. The mind-bending journey has him questioning his very sanity… 

Step across the threshold into a paranormal realm, guaranteed to lure and electrify you...

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ISABELLA'S DESIRE Classic Release!
A Torrid Historical Romance
Isabellas DesireISBN: 978-1-59374-150-1 
Rating: Sensual Romance 

Bestseller and CAPA Award Nominee 2004


Orphaned…Lady Isabella of Sheffield has spent almost nineteen years confined at Godstow Abbey, and at King Henry’s behest, was    betrothed to the Holy Roman Emperor’s illegitimate grandson--the Count of Regensberg--at the age of fifteen. She had fully intended to marry God and rebels from that moment on! 

Under the guise of a simple knight, the Count von Regensberg stops by the abbey to arrange his betrothed’s departure one week hence. 
Upon seeing him, Bella is more than fascinated and he is equally infatuated with her. In the habit of absconding, Karl saves Bella--known to him as Agnes-- from ruin twice. On Beltane, they become intimate. The following day he goes to the abbey, asks for her hand, and finds that ‘Agnes’ doesn’t exist. Feeling betrayed and frustrated, he departs for Sheffield at once. 

Unwilling to marry her betrothed, Bella trades places with Claire--her dearest friend--and departs for Sheffield as her companion. She falls ill on the journey and awakens from the peculiar malady to discover that Claire has married her treasured Sir Karl.

Read on to learn more about this passionate and intense pairing, and the deceitful fiends in their midst! 

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Genre: Torrid Romance Contemporary/ BDSM
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-59374-848-7
Rating: Erotic Romance - Explicit

Alex Stevenson, owner of ‘The Contemporary Man’, a leading mens lifestyle magazine, arranges to unwind with a female dominant, recommended to him by a close friend.

Artist and semi-retired dominatrice, Katherine O’Brien—a.k.a Mistress Kitty—adds Alex to her exclusive clientele after their sexually charged meeting. A first for her, she allows sex on the menu. The man of her dreams is on offer and the challenge of training him is irresistible.

This bachelor is going to get more than he bargained for! Question is, will he like it?

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