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This page contains novels and novellas Ms Martin is working on now, or in the near future... There are several out-of-print books which she is rewriting for a second round of publishing...  Look for these 2nd Editions, coming out soon... PTA. Join Ms Martin's Newsletter to keep up-to-date with her book news.  Ms Martin's new releases will be announced in her newsletter and on her blog. Go to 'News & Giveaways' page to subscribe to her newsletter. 

A complete rewrite coming soon...

First edition published by Torrid Books from 2003 - 2008.  Second Edition is being completely rewritten with whole new beginning and several extra chapters. Watch out for the is title, coming soon..

Lucinda’s Contract 
Historical Erotic Romance
1st edition- 
A bestseller 2004 
Torrid Sizzler 2005 
CAPA award nominee for Best Historical Erotic Romance 2004

Venice 1590

Under the guise of Adam, at Doge Pasquale’s masquerade ball, Nicolasa French agent—cavorts with a delightful wench, alias Eve, and then has her followed, with the intention of learning her identity.

He offers to pay the over inflated price of one thousand ducats—the cost of her father’s freedom from a debtors jail in London—and her rent for one year, in return for her services for the period of two months. 
Guilt ridden... Lucinda swallows her pride and accepts Nicolas’s offer, not once making the connection that he and Adam are the same man.

Lucinda finds Adam is not the arrogant beast she initially imagined him to be. She fears her growing affection for him, knowing that to fall in love with him would only end in heartbreak. 

Will she be able forgive him once she discovers his deception? Will they part company after their time is over, or will they realize that their insatiable attraction to each other is more than mere lust?

Second Edition coming soon...


Pharaoh's Touch
Time Travel /Erotic Romance/short

A megalomaniac God-king from 4th Dynasty Egypt frequents Sienna's nights. Remnants of Khufu's rule have withstood the test of time on the Giza Plateau. His dark, enigmatic eyes speak of an exotic and ancient world in torrid dreams that stroke Sienna's fire, his touch igniting her soul... Sienna's obsession takes her from London to smog-filled streets of modern-day Cairo, what she finds both shocks and thrills her...

Second Edition coming soon...

A complete rewrite coming soon...

Crimson Destiny
Paranormal /Erotic Romance

Cursed, Drago has walked in darkness over eight hundred years, without a female by his side. Love has no place in his world, only death and abstinence. When a heartbroken Sara steps into his forbidden realm… reads his journals and becomes obsessed with him, she lures him with her intensity, awakening his long denied desires and emotions… 

Second edition coming soon...


A complete rewrite coming soon...

My Lady's Protector

Working Title- Historical /Erotic Romance

Having refused the offer of Lady Rhiannon le Tours hand, Sir Ambrose de Évreux takes Henry Plantagenets offer of 200 gold pieces to escort her to her betrothed in England.. What is more, he’s the only man willing to take her, as her questionable reputation is notorious!

Attracted to each other from the moment they meet, Sir Ambrose and Lady Rhiannon fight with their emotions and each other. She resents him for making her a virtual prisoner and since she escaped her previous escort, he’s doubly cautious!

Take a ride back in time and see what these two get up to... 

Second Edition coming soon...


Nocturnal Offering

Rating: Erotic Romance - Explicit

International best-selling author Nadia Kimble has woven tapestries of paranormal delights for years, not once making the connection of a past life and her association with the paranormal creatures who continually inspire her. Little does she know, her perceived fantasy world and reality are about to merge when she attends an exclusive Halloween Masquerade ball… He has waited over 800 hundred years for his Nocturnal Offering…

Second Edition coming soon...


Vampiric Feast
Explicit - Gay

Vampiric Feast:
New Paris, 3030 A.D.

Claude Roux, a twenty-seven year old protected mortal, has had many woman in his bed, but finds them lacking. He realizes what he’s been missing when Darius and his predatory associates begin to frequent his nightclub. Darius is a three thousand year old vampire with a taste for virile young men. Claude can’t take his eyes off the towering black-eyed male. Irrepressible desire drives him to seek out Darius’s company, even though he has never been intimate with a man before. However, to know the privilege of Darius's lovemaking in its entirety Claude must also know his eternal bite. Is he willing to give up mortality for an eternity with a dominant lover and master?

Second Edition coming soon...


 Immortality's Caress Historical Vampire Series 

This work hasn't been published since 2009

Allegra's Seduction - Book 1
Paranormal/Historical/ Erotic Romance

The mysterious Lord and Lady Lamberti invite Allegra and her two friends, Sophia and Eloise, to holiday with them at their exclusive 
summerhouse on the Rivera del Brenta.
The evening of their arrival the three women are shocked to discover they’re among a clan of vampir
es and that they’re to compete for
the affections of one four hundred
and twenty year old elder, who’s in need of a bride. Those who refuse to play, those who aren’t accepting of the kindred, and those who fail, must die.

Allegra remembers Gabriele from her hedonistic dreams and is eager to know him better, and although Gabriele’s obsessed with her, he must 
spend time with each woman before he makes his selection... 

NOTE: Second Edition is being completely rewritten... new beginning and several extra chapters. Watch out for the is title!

Second Edition coming soon...


This work hasn't been published since 2009

Eloise's Awakening - Book 2
Paranormal/Historical/ Erotic Romance

1st Edition- 2007 EPPIE Award finalist- Erotic Romance Fantasy/Paranormal category. 
A reviewer favorite, this work received all fives.

Eloise de Mann is over a hundred years old. She is vivacious, spirited, rather eccentric and somewhat gauche, for a vampire. Her past hurts have her steering clear of the male 
species, with the exception of a few select immortals, and her incompetent guardian, Claude. 

Eloise loathes coffins and will only use one when necessary, so naturally she’s outraged when she awakens in one, knowing her male guardian has betrayed her. She climbs from the coffin in a right state, but hang nails, disheveled hair and a wrinkled, musty-scented gown, are the least of her problems!

Upon entering her home, Eloise finds that an Englishman, Lord Christian Montgomery, has taken up residence there. Luckily for him, the deafening voice of reason, Queen Claudia’s, forbids Eloise to harm him in any way! Her only option is to seduce him. 

Second Edition is being completely rewritten with whole new beginning and several extra chapters. Watch out for the is title!

Second Edition coming soon...